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NBA赛事竞猜_哈勒普大赞波兰新星发挥出色 盼和家人享受假日

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  France, Paris-After being swept 6-1 6-2 by Polish star Swatek in the fourth round of the French Open, the world's second Halep also praised the performance of the 19-year-old.

法国,巴黎-在法国公开赛第四轮被波兰球星斯瓦特克(Swatek)以6-1 6-2横扫之后,世界第二羽哈勒普(Halep)也赞扬了这位19岁少年的表现。

   Swatek scored 30 winning points in 15 innings and made a total of 14 break opportunities, and his serve did not encounter any break point test. She not only won the first TOP10 victory of her career, but also reached the quarter-finals of the Grand Slam for the first time.


   "She won entirely on her own outstanding performance. She played incredible today, with her moving range covering the entire court, and every shot is very strong," Halep told the media after the game.


   "It's a bit cold today. I didn't perform to my best level, but her performance was wonderful. This game belongs to her."


   Halep and Swatek met in the same round of the French Open last year. The Romanian, who played as the defending champion, easily defeated the nervous teenager 6-1 6-0 in only 45 minutes. In this reunion, Halep stated that he failed to keep the ball deep and did not limit his opponent behind the baseline.

Halep和Swatek去年在法国公开赛的同一轮比赛中相遇。作为卫冕冠军的罗马尼亚人在短短45分钟内轻松击败了紧张的少年6-1 6-0。在这次聚会中,哈勒普(Halep)表示他未能将球保持得更深,也没有将对手限制在底线以下。

"I know she will be very aggressive," Halep said. "This is how she plays. Today she played very smoothly every ball. She was very confident and hit the ball with full strength. For her This is a wonderful game."

哈勒普说:“我知道她会非常激进。” “这就是她的比赛方式。今天她每个球都打得非常流畅。她非常自信,充满力量击球。对她来说,这是一场精彩的比赛。”

"Of course, I could have done something different, such as shooting more with her, trying to control her in the second half, but today I have tried my best and can't do better. She is completely dominated. The game is very aggressive."


   "I think her style of play is the same as last year, but I played better that time, and forced her to back up as much as possible, so that she didn't have time to play a killer."


   "Today, her performance is stronger. When she feels good, standing on the court and hitting the ball under the shoulders will be very threatening. She did this today and played a good angle."


   This defeat meant that Halep’s 17-game winning streak in singles was ended, and at the same time ensured that Barty will continue to remain the number one in the world after the French Open. When asked if he would be disappointed, Halep replied:


"This year has gone through all kinds of difficulties but still wonderful. I will not ruin the mood of the whole year for one game. Of course, such a loss is still difficult to digest, but I have become accustomed to some difficult moments in my career. "

“今年经历了种种困难,但仍然是美好的一年。我不会为一场比赛毁掉整个一年的心情。当然,这样的损失仍然很难消化,但是我已经习惯了一些困难的时刻。我的事业。 ”

   "I will eat a chocolate and I will be better tomorrow."


   Soon after Halep was eliminated, No. 5 seed Botens was also upset. The two might have met in the quarter-finals, but the qualifier Trevisan beat the Dutch star 6-4 6-4 and will compete with Swatek for the semifinal tickets.

Halep被淘汰后不久,第5号种子Botens也感到不高兴。两人可能在八强赛中相遇,但预选赛特雷维森以6-4 6-4击败荷兰球星,并将与Swatek竞争半决赛门票。

"I think at this level, it is not surprising that who wins, because everyone has a very high level, mainly depends on the day's performance," Halep said, "Swatek played well and it was worth the game. Victory, and Trevisan may be the same. She won the game and entered the quarterfinals. I believe there will be a wonderful duel between them."

哈勒普说:“我认为在这个水平上,谁获胜并不奇怪,因为每个人都有很高的水平,主要取决于当天的表现。” Swatek表现出色,值得一战。胜利,特雷维森也许一样。她赢得了比赛,进入了八强。我相信他们之间将会有一场精彩的对决。”

   Talking about the subsequent arrangements, Halep confirmed that he intends to participate in the Australian Open, but also said that he hopes to have a good rest at the moment. This season the Romanian was a great success, in addition to winning the cup in Dubai, Prague and Rome, he also reached the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.


   "It's great to be able to play some games on clay. Winning the Rome championship is my happiest thing this year, so I'm fine," Halep laughed.


"I look forward to taking a good rest and walking on the street, because I am really bored here. I will enjoy the holiday with my family, because I am quite satisfied with my performance this year, so I will enjoy the free time. ."

“我期待在这里休息并在大街上散步,因为我真的很无聊。我将与家人一起度过假期,因为我对今年的表现感到非常满意,因此我将享受业余时间。 。”



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